Poipet – a border town with Thailand with a somewhat questionable reputation

Poipet – a border town with Thailand with a somewhat questionable reputation

Anyone planning a trip to Cambodia and also to Thailand will probably inevitably pay a visit to the city of Poipet. There is the most important border post between the two countries and is therefore, so to speak, the melting pot of the two cultures. Here, commuters from Cambodia, who can earn a better salary in Thailand, meet with Thais, where gambling is prohibited and who cross the border to be able to visit the Cambodian casinos

Der sehr schöne Grenzübergang nach Kambodscha

The very nice border crossing to Cambodia

A wild mix, then, which may well seem somewhat incongruous to visitors at first glance. Although the city itself has little exciting to offer tourists, it is a place where many travelers come together, precisely because they also want to cross the border.

Basically, it can be said that if visitors are planning to cross the border, they should definitely inform themselves in detail about the visa regulations in advance. Neither the Thai nor the Cambodian border officials are very cooperative here and understandably do not let anyone through who does not have the right papers. Since it is not very attractive to get stranded in Poipet, you have to be twice as careful. Normally, the visa should be issued directly at the border. Here, too, the somewhat dubious side of this city shows itself: Tourists are often ripped off and convinced that they have to buy expensive visas in advance. Therefore, now once again the advice to inform yourself in advance in this regard, in order to then know at the border what your rights are. The business model of the city seems to be primarily (if you read the many travel reports) to facilitate the tourists for as much money as possible. Be it with absurdly high exchange fees on money, on various “visa” fees from dubious third parties (who are not border officials) who decide according to how fast they will process the visitor.

Talk only to the border officials, do not let anyone help you with your papers. Do NOT hand over your passport.

The many negative travel reports are primarily from tourists who have handed your passport to a stranger to “help you”. Would you actually give your passport to someone at Berlin airport who asks you for your passport in plain clothes “to help you”? Probably not – don’t do the same abroad.