The city of Kep in Cambodia (EN)

The city of Kep in Cambodia (EN)

If you also want to experience a touch of classic vacation feeling with the sea during your trip, you should definitely plan a trip to the small coastal town of Kep. Popular not only with tourists, but especially with locals (on weekends), the visit provides an exciting insight into the world of fishing in Cambodia

Kep Krebs

The great advantage here is that despite the beauty of the small town and the wonderful beach, one does not get the feeling of mass tourism here. Rather, the streams of visitors are very well distributed over the area and nothing stands in the way of a relaxed, beach visit (outside the weekend)

The city is located directly on the Gulf of Thailand and is about 23 kilometers from the city of Kampot, which is located north of Kep. Already in the colonial times of the French, the place was very popular as a destination for excursions: numerous princely splendorous buildings of the occupiers were also built in Kep, however, today only ruins of them are left. The reason for this is that the Khmer Rouge destroyed the buildings during their reign of terror, as they saw them as contradicting the values of their regime. However, the half-ruined houses, which are now already overgrown with trees and plants again, exude the feeling of a small enchanted town, which is why a visit to Kep is difficult to compare with other seaside resorts.

Kep Sirene

The landmark of Kep is the so-called “Siren”: This is a white statue of a woman looking towards the sea with her head propped up and – so the general interpretation goes – longing for the return of her husband.

For those who have finally had enough of the beach, a visit to the famous crab market is recommended, where market vendors offer freshly caught crabs from the sea, as well as fish, shrimp, fruits and vegetables, and some freshly prepared dishes. There are also numerous bars and restaurants located close to the market area, providing that classic vacation feeling when visitors can enjoy the sunset overlooking the sea, armed with a fresh cocktail.

Kep can be both the destination for a short trip (there are numerous bus services to it from Phnom Phen), but also the center of a longer stay, as there are numerous accommodations that celebrate the classic “beach vacation” feeling. For the adventurous, an exploration tour of the surrounding area is also recommended

Very high on the tourists’ list here is, for example, Rabbit Island (not to be confused with the Japanese island of the same name), where more dream beaches await. The pepper plantation, the cave temple Phnom Chhnork and the nearby “ghost town” Bokor Hill Station are also popular nearby destinations.