Rabbit Island – a dream island in Cambodia near Kampot and Kep

Rabbit Island – a dream island in Cambodia near Kampot and Kep

For those who also want to combine their trip to Cambodia with a dream vacation with beach and sea, a trip to Rabbit Island is the right destination. Not to be confused with its Japanese counterpart (on which numerous rabbits cavort, which is conveniently not the case with the Cambodian variant), Rabbit Island is a popular travel destination for sun-seeking backpackers, but also for couples on their honeymoon. In a nutshell, there’s something for everyone here.

The beach on Rabbit Island

The island can be reached directly from the coastal town of Kep: From there, collective boats go to the island every day- however, you can also be brought there in a separate boat for a small extra charge.

On the island itself it is quiet and not very modern: The power grid works only limited, also the cell phone and internet reception is hardly available. All in all, this is the perfect starting point for a vacation far away from any civilization, to simply unwind and relax far away from the daily media and digital consumption of everyday life.
On site, the beautiful nature can be explored above all: Around the island, there are breathtaking underwater worlds in many places, which can be discovered in more detail during a dive.

Overall, the stay there is quite inexpensive: The accommodations are not necessarily luxurious, but functional and as such also contribute to the wonderfully relaxing feeling of being stranded on a deserted island (with the subtle difference that a boat can always return to the mainland).

The inhabitants of the island have already adapted very much to the needs of the tourist clientele: Thus, there are numerous offers for massages directly on the beach and many excellent restaurants that offer the freshly caught fish and seafood directly from the local sea.

The only drawback of the island is that due to the lack of infrastructure, in recent years has become more and more a garbage problem on the beaches of the island. Especially because the island is so popular with partying vacationers, there is always a lot of garbage left on the beach (in addition, the sea washes up more plastic waste, as everywhere else in the world). All the more visitors should question their own behavior to leave this – one of the last true paradises of the world – spot earth clean.

Before traveling, it is advisable to secure your own basic medical care: In a real emergency, it takes quite a while until a doctor can be called here to help.
All in all, you should spend a few days on Rabbit Island if you are planning a trip to Cambodia: Paradise is rarely this close!