Sihanoukville – the city of investors

Sihanoukville – the city of investors

If you are thinking about combining a beach vacation with a trip to Cambodia, you definitely can’t miss Sihanoukville, as it is the most popular bathing region in the country

Not without reason: Located on the Gulf of Thailand, there is not only the possibility to reach the many bathing islands of Cambodia directly, but also numerous beautiful beaches directly on the mainland, which invite you to stay and relax.

If the place was a few decades ago still a real insider tip and a small sleepy fishing village, so in recent years has done a lot here in terms of construction. Especially due to the booming tourism, numerous foreign investors have built large hotel complexes, and more high-rise buildings are being built

Essen Sihanoukville

Among Chinese, Sihanoukville is also known as the “Port of the West”.

Those who visit Sihanoukville should therefore be prepared in advance that on the one hand the pictures from old travel guides, which still conveyed the idyllic and unspoiled feeling of life, no longer match the reality, and on the other hand the construction activities naturally do not go completely unnoticed: be it smell, noise or visual: under no circumstances should one let the fact that so much is being built dampen one’s vacation mood.

The most famous beach is “Ochheuteal Beach”, which is not only fantastically beautiful, but where numerous cafes and restaurants invite you to stop and thus complete the classic image of the ideal seaside resort. As already mentioned: Sihanoukville is definitely no longer an insider tip and is very popular with both locals and foreign vacation guests, which is why you should not expect lonely beaches.

Otres Beach is a bit calmer and therefore the beach for travelers looking for relaxation.

Due to its popularity with tourists, Sihanoukville has developed quite a decent nightlife. Especially in the beach bars there are always numerous backpackers and a rather international audience, which of course invites wonderfully to exchange travel tips and experiences among like-minded people. There are also some casinos in the town, which interestingly do not allow access for Cambodians themselves. Because gambling is forbidden for locals.

Culinary in the city is a wild mix between the offer that the Western tourist wants (ie: pizza and burgers), Russian food and then still also classic Cambodian cuisine. Due to the strong influx of Chinese, there are also numerous Chinese restaurants, some of which do not have an English menu.

Sihanoukville can be a great destination for visitors who travel there with the right expectations. Those who are not afraid of classic “commercial tourism” and do not necessarily insist on being on (at least perceived) pristine trails can have a great time here. Especially on the way to the quieter islands, Sihanoukville is perhaps also a great place to enjoy the presence of other travelers and the exchange with them.