Wat Phnom Krom Pagoda – the monastery on the mountain Phnom Krom

Wat Phnom Krom Pagoda – the monastery on the mountain Phnom Krom

Located directly at the foot of the mountain “Phnom Krom”, only a short distance from Siem Reap, is the Phnom Krom Pagoda, which offers visitors an interesting insight into the workings of an active prayer center.

To begin with: on the one hand there is the mountain Phnom Krom, on the other hand there is the Phnom Krom temple located on it and a somewhat smaller pagoda directly on the mountain, which has the same name as the one we are just getting to know here and which is a really interesting destination for an excursion. It is worth planning a visit to the Phnom Krom Pagoda in such a way that you experience the sunrise right away: Due to the location at the foot of the mountain – especially in combination with the morning chants of the monks – there is a fantastic view of the region and a uniquely enchanted atmosphere that you will not forget again so quickly. There is also the possibility to actively participate in the chants or to meditate in this pagoda.

Phnom Krom Stufen zum Tempel

Way to the small temple or to the small Phnom Krom Pagoda on the mountain

The great advantage for visitors to the pagoda is to escape a little from the tourist crowds. If the Phnom Krom temple is still a somewhat well-known and popular destination for travelers, the pagoda itself is often only a stopover. However, very few people really linger here longer, which is why this is a great chance to witness the religious life in the pagoda in peace and to get an impression of the culture and religion.

The pagoda itself is very modern in design and also visually contrasts with the 10th century temple of the same name, which you can see the ravages of time quite clearly (but unsurprisingly)

The Phnom Krom Pagoda is gilded on most of its struts, and the depictions on the main side, where the entrance is also located, depict a group of young believers learning the art of proper meditation. In the exterior there are numerous gilded towers with depictions of figures in prayer posture on them. The pagoda is divided into several buildings, separated according to their use. In itself, the pagoda is very well preserved – probably also due to its still quite new style – but nevertheless areas around it are constantly being renewed and renovated.

As it is an active prayer center (including a school), it is also polite for visitors to observe the rules of the house, to behave quietly and not to disturb the meditators.