Wat An Kau Saa – a monastery on the Siem Reap River

Wat An Kau Saa – a monastery on the Siem Reap River

Anyone interested in Wat An Kau Saa must first embark on a digital search for clues. Unlike Cambodia, which is generally already very well documented for tourist use, finding out about Wat An Kau Saa in advance presents some challenges.

Wat An Kau Saa

Few travel blogs even cover the site. On the tourist discovery tours through the city of Siem Reap, the Wat is immediately missing completely. It’s a pity, because the place has a lot to offer for visitors. All the more beautiful is the experience for all those who still dare to visit the temple: Far away from the crowds of visitors, a Buddhist temple complex can be discovered here, which is still inhabited by Buddhist monks who (for a small donation, which contributes to the preservation of the complex) are happy to tell a little more about the history of the temple.

The magnificent complex is located just a few meters from the banks of the Siem Reap River and is in the heart of the city. So if you are planning to explore Siem Reap, you should put Wat An Kau Saa directly on the list of sights to visit. A big advantage is that you do not even have to plan a trip with the tuk tuk, but can easily discover the place on foot.

Wat An Kau Saa is located right next to Wat Preah An Kau Saa: So visitors have the opportunity to get to know the quiet hustle and bustle of an active monastery on the one hand, but also to explore the old ruins from the Angkor period, which are located in the already somewhat dilapidated part.

Especially magnificent are the gilded roofs of the wats, on which there are numerous representations of Buddhist mythology. Especially in the back part of the wat there are numerous golden statues of the meditating Buddha, which invite to stay and meditate. What is particularly exciting in this part is that the magnificent old buildings and the newer buildings where the monks live today are right next to each other and not divided into different areas. There is also a school on the grounds, which is why there are also many children on the paths during the breaks, enjoying their free time.

Wat An Kau Saa Boote

Boats for the water festival in Siem Reap

Overall, it is a wonderful place to get into conversation with the locals and especially devout Buddhists. Precisely because the focus here is not on tourism, but on actual practice and prayer, there is a good basis for interesting encounters between the residents and visitors. If you are traveling in Siem Reap, you should not miss this wat in any case and instead plan enough time to really let the place work on you.