Wat Kong Moch – a monastery with school in Siem Reap

Wat Kong Moch – a monastery with school in Siem Reap

Wat Kong Moch is a pagoda in Siem Reap. Surrounded by a large garden, the temple or monastery invites you to meditate, relax and linger and is the ideal relaxation for all visitors to the region who simply want to take it easy during a day of travel

Foto Wat Kong Moch mit zwei Wächtern aus Stein

Artful guards in front of Wat Kong Moch

Buddhist monks study and pray on the grounds, which is why the site is not primarily used as a tourist attraction: All the more reason why it is advisable for visitors to study the house rules carefully and try to disturb the proceedings on site as little as possible. There are many tame dogs in the garden, some of which are happy to be petted.

One can say right away that visitors are very welcome in the temple and are also extremely warmly received. In this pagoda, admission is free, but it is customary as a tourist to leave a donation, as the facility is financed only in this way. Wat Kong Moch is constantly maintained and expanded: Thus, the construction of a new prayer hall started in 2019. The buildings themselves are architecturally not very unusual, but they are kept in the classic design of a pagoda: many places for quiet meditation, large halls and areas for ceremonies – but also a Buddhist cemetery

For western visitors it might be interesting that instead of a tombstone, as it is common in Europe, a small, colorful stupa is placed.

Inside Wat Kong Moch there are many beautiful drawings and representations of Buddha – these have no historical significance, since they are from modern times and are also constantly being expanded, but offer a deep insight into the beliefs of Buddhists and help to better understand the stories and myths of the same. In case of open questions, a monk is usually ready to help and can provide the appropriate explanations.

Kinder Mönche Buddhismus

Children during their “Buddhist education”

Besides being a place of prayer and residence for Buddhist monks, the pagoda also serves as a school for local children.

Although a visit to Wat Kong Moch does not include any historical buildings, it is the Buddhist spirituality and the way of life of the Buddhist monks that make tourists marvel. Since the site is also not far from Siem Reap, the visit is definitely a tip during a trip in the region. Especially because the monastery is located very quietly and does not attract large crowds, such as the large temple complexes of Angkor Wat, a visit to Wat Kong Moch can provide a necessary balance, in order to simply take a deep breath and indulge your own thoughts while traveling.