Prasat Chrung – Boat trip within the Angkor Park to Prasat Chrung

Prasat Chrung – Boat trip within the Angkor Park to Prasat Chrung

The Prasat Chrung is the corner towers of the city wall of Angkor Thom, the former capital of the Angkor Empire. They were built during the reign of King Jayavarman VII, around the beginning of the 13th century. The four temple towers strongly resemble each other and consist of the actual tower itself and small porches, the so-called mandapa. The term “Chrung” translated means something like “corner” or “angle”.

Prasat Chrung Schild

Architecturally, the buildings can be attributed to the Bayon style. Originally, they were planned to be Buddhist, but King Jayavarman VIII commissioned the Hinduization of the towers in the 13th century. In the process, numerous reliefs were redesigned or completely destroyed, which is of course a great pity, since it is no longer possible to understand today which Buddhist representations were once there. The temple in its original form was dedicated to Bodhisattva Lokeshvara, the Buddhist deity Avalokiteshvara.

All four towers are on a cruciform plan and open to the east. The two corner towers on the eastern city wall have additional entrances to the west.

All in all, the towers are already badly dilapidated and not in good condition. Only in places reliefs and decorations can be discovered, for example of female divine beings, the devatas. However, it is also very nice to see how nature reclaims its place and in the last centuries has begun to grow over the surroundings and also a little bit over the buildings. Prasat Chrung is not one of the “standard sights” of the region, which is why there are far fewer visitors here compared to the rest of Angkor Thom, so that the corner towers can be discovered in peace – an advantage for all those who have informed themselves accordingly and therefore dare a visit

Prasat Chrung Apsara

The complexes can be reached via the filled earth wall (it is recommended to take the path to the Southeast Temple from the South Gate of Angkor Thom). From then on, one moves along the city wall to reach the four different corners (if one really wants to see all of them), which is quite a long walk (perhaps this is the main reason why the place is not so crowded).

For those who have planned a little more time, the possibility of a boat trip to the four towers is recommended (a real insider tip, which is best booked directly on site).

All in all, a visit to Prasat Chrung can be easily combined with an exploration of Angkor Thom. Those who are not so good on foot, however, should think about skipping this sight.