Wat Preah Enkosa (EN)

Wat Preah Enkosa (EN)

Wat Preah Enkosa is located only about 2 kilometers outside of Siem Reap and is an easy destination for tourists who want to explore the region. Even though the site is usually not approached during the discovery tours that are offered to tourists directly in the local hotels and hostels, the visit to these beautiful buildings is definitely worth the trip.

Wat Preah Enkosa Pagode

Rather, this also has the great advantage that Wat Preah Enkosa is definitely not yet flooded by tourist crowds, so visitors have the opportunity to discover everything in peace, which can be a good balance in contrast to the extremely popular, but also sometimes crowded more famous Khmer temple complexes. For those who don’t want to make the walk from the city to the Wat, a ride on a tuk tuk is recommended.

The special thing about Wat Preah Enkosa is the fact that on the one hand a modern Wat is located here on one area, in which currently also about 40 monks live, pray, learn and teach, but on the other hand the basic structures of the old complex are still present: In particular, two still very well preserved towers, which date from the 10th century and thus historically still fall into the high time of the Khmer. Such a mixture is rare in Siem Reap.

Wat Preah Enkosa Tempelruinen

Originally, the site that can be visited today was in a moat, which has since been filled in most places. The towers are the primary reason why visitors should also take a little more time to visit. Even though the ravages of time have left their mark on them, the insanely detailed reliefs and drawings still provide a wonderful indication of the mythologies and religious legends that were important in the Khmer Empire.

On the broad lower field of the sculptural reliefs, there is a large elephant head in the center of the representation, surrounded by characters from the mythical world and dragons. In the upper field, one can contemplate the story of the “Brewing of the Sea of Milk” (a story from Hindu cosmology). However, for visitors with a keen interest in Khmer culture and the origins of Hinduism, it is advisable to read up on the subject in advance: Otherwise, the complexity of the representations and the lack of information signs makes it difficult to really understand the stories.

However, if you just want to enjoy the peace and beauty of the place, you are just as right here. All in all, a wonderful destination for all those who are already in Siem Reap anyway.