Old Catholic Church / Black Palace close to Kampot

Old Catholic Church / Black Palace close to Kampot

A beautiful destination when exploring Cambodia is the Kampot region. The province is located in the south of the country and attracts many visitors every year, especially because of its beautiful buildings from the time of French colonization and its proximity to the coast. Two of the most beautiful destinations in the region are the Old Catholic Church and the Black Palace, which no tourist in this region should miss.

Especially because here is still a breath of bygone times in the air, it is generally advisable for a Cambodia trip quite time to include to let the south on itself, even if this is a somewhat stark contrast to the old temples of the Khmer, which are probably considered the “classic” exploration route for travelers through Cambodia.

Mount Phnom Bokor is located about 20 kilometers northwest of Kampot city and is a popular destination for travelers. Bokor is part of the mountain range of the Elephant Mountains (the so-called Damrei Mountains) and thereby its highest point. For those who have already explored Bokor Hill Station sufficiently, a visit to the Old Catholic Church is certainly a worthwhile destination. However, it must be said that the church is more like a ruin than an active place of worship. Built by the French colonial rulers in the 20th century, it served mainly the French as a place of worship.

Die Frontansicht der imposanten Old Catholic Church

The front view of the imposing Old Catholic Church

Tourists today are often shocked at how much the church has suffered from the ravages of time – but especially from the looting and destruction by the Khmer Rouge. But if you want a truly unique experience, you should not only explore the inside of the church, but hike up the hill a little further. From there, you have a unique view – not only of the panorama, but also of the church, which does blend into its surroundings in a somewhat unusual way here. The Black Palace (mostly known as “Damnak Sla Khmao”) is located directly on the way up to reach Bokor Hill Station. The palace used to be the summer palace of King Sihanouk, but today it is a popular photo spot, especially for tourists (especially because of the impressive statue of “Grandmother Mao”) which is located directly opposite.

Lok Yeay Mao auf dem Bokor Mountain

Lok Yeay Mao on the Bokor Mountain

Frontansicht des Black Palace

Front view of the Black Palace

All in all, visitors who are exploring the region anyway should by no means skip a visit to the Old Catholic Church and the Black Palace: Because these spots are all relatively close to each other, this does not require a particularly large amount of time.